Collaboration 1


HNT Gordon Planes has recently finished a project invloving Colen Clenton, Phoebe Everill and myself, called 'Collaboration 1'. Collaboration 1 is a tool cabinet with a complete set of HNT Gordon and Colen Clenton tools. The tool cabinet was created by Phoebe Everill from 'School of Wood' - made from Sassafras, with black heart Sassafras inlays on the front doors and wenge/ebony trims. Colen Clenton made a collection of his tools in ebony, with a couple of 'one off' tools. HNT Gordon included 50 Ebony tools, with the first Moving Fillister ever made being apart of the set. Collaboration 1 is currently on display at Sturt Wood Gallery, and is selling for $59,400 through Sturt. Please email us for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Terry, Thank you for the smoothing plane (HSS) and the trying plane (TS). I have just finished a dining table in blackwood and silky oak and the customer is drooling over the finish (so am I), thanks to your planes. I think the expected saving in sandpaper will cover the capital cost in no time at all. My next purchase is likely to be a spoke shave: probably the curved sole but I would appreciate any thoughts you have on the pros and cons. I might also get a spare tool steel blade for the smoothing plane (the HSS blade is taking me a long time to re-hone). I notice you will be at the Melbourne Timber and Working With Wood Show in October. Is this a good time to purchase or is it better to order on the web? Thanks again for superbly crafted equipment. Bill Hunter