Calibratable Squares

45 Degree Markers

Dovetail Markers

Marking Gauge

Cutting Gauge

Pencil Gauge

  • AUD $294.00 each Ebony Pencil Gauge

Slide Mortice Marking Gauge

Slide Mortice Cutting Gauge

Screw Mortice Marking Gauge

Screw Mortice Cutting Gauge

Scratch Awl

  • AUD $285.00 each Ebony Scratch Awl
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Hello Terry: Just a quick note to thank you for your quick response to my questions several weeks ago and also to tell you I bought the A55 smoother and have been very impressed with it.  I think the combination of a wood plane with mechanical control over the blade offers the best of both worlds, and the A55 has been a joy to use.  I also appreciate your personal response; that made a big impression on me as I made my decision.  I will certainly look to Gordon planes first when I consider another purchase. Sincerely, Scott Burnette 12 May 08