Calibratable Squares

45 Degree Markers

Dovetail Markers

Marking Gauge

Cutting Gauge

Pencil Gauge

AUD $258.00 each Rose Sheoak Pencil Gauge
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AUD $312.00 each Ebony Pencil Gauge

Slide Mortice Marking Gauge

Slide Mortice Cutting Gauge

Screw Mortice Marking Gauge

Screw Mortice Cutting Gauge

AUD $720.00 each Ebony Screw Mortise Cutting Gauge
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Scratch Awl

AUD $294.00 each Ebony Scratch Awl
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Hi Terry,
I would like to give you a return on my experience using your planes on soft pine. They perform extremly well and hold the comparison with Japanese planes and even may have an advantages: they take care of knots as they would of harder wood, and without complaining whatsoever, the plane doesn't chip. I get mirror like finishes on pine as I do with a lower angle kanna (japanese plane). If it came to obtaining the thinnest shaving out of perfectly homogenous Alaskan cedar, maybe a finely tuned Japanese plane would win. But for ease of use, set up, performance, my HNT smoothers, are the one I use most of the time.
The blades on my HNT planes have to be razor sharp though, hairs on forearm should shave with just a slight contact with the blade.
Still impressed, about 8yrs after ordering my first hnt plane!